Your wellness retreat

In Vienna’s vivid cultural quarter Josefstadt, Andy & Nelli opened their hairstyling salon one of a kind in order to create a very special retreat. The well-being of our customers through the perfect combination of enjoyable treatment and relaxation has become the top prioritiy besides hairstyling. Here, you are offered exceptional attention and laidback luxury.

Our operative team

Nelli Götze
Nelli Götze

one of a kind consists of a team of highly qualified and talented individualists. The experienced hair stylists aspire to quality and maintain the discipline of the craft on highest levels. A customized haircut requires attention to detail. The harmony of colour and cut guarantees a unique look.

Sheik Fariz
Sheik Fariz

We appreciate you!

In most rare cases it might happen that a customer is not satisfied. Any kind of criticism is rewarded. one of a kind grants an adjustment free of charge until up to a week after the appointment.

Our booking system

No more queueing up! Thanks to the practical online booking system, every customer can book his appointment in advance. In case of very special/extraordinary dates (events, etc.) we are ready to receive your message or take your call.
  • Cut
    53 – 81
  • Blow Drying & Styling
    39 – 59
  • Color / Tinting
    51 – 73
  • Highlights / Effects
    63 – 130
  • Balayage
    160 – 210
  • Color Refreshment
    24 – 44
  • Eyebrow Service
  • Lashes Service
  • Eyebrow & Lashes Service
  • Intensive Hair Care
    7 – 15
Every shampooing includes a head massage and conditioner. Balayage includes glossing/toner. All prices are in Euro and include 20% VAT. The prices can vary depending on expense.

Our stories

Our products

The team of one of a kind believes in authentic beauty by high-quality hair care. Therefore, care and styling products as well as hair dye by Aveda are used exclusively. All products are free from animal testing and consist almost entirely of natural, biological ingredients. The selection underlines the quality standards and commitment to sustainability.

Your one of a kind experience

A pleasant atmosphere, exceptional service, precise handling and high-quality products are the results of one of a kind’s overall process. Everything intermingles and makes every visit rememberable for everyone, who values creativity and personal service. The transformation keeps everyone unique.


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